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A community of like-minded individuals all striving to become the best version of themselves in & out of the gym

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This isn't about competing with anyone else. This is about being better than you were yesterday.

Group Fitness Coaches

That will help you build your mind, body, and spirit. Our mission at Alpha is to get you to where you want to be, and make sure you enjoy the process along the way.

Our Coaches

After taking my first Alpha Fit Club class, I was instantly hooked. The atmosphere was unique, the workout was challenging, and most importantly all I had to do was show up..

- Drew Palumbo, AFC Member

Alpha Fit Club is such a great place to work out, get pushed hard and have an amazing community supporting you. The coaches are top notch, the workouts are hard and really make you work. The members are fabulous and very encouraging. This is a MUST if you are into fitness or want to get into a great workout routine..

- Corinne L., AFC Member

Obsessed! It’s not your typical group fitness class & I’m hooked! Alpha Fit Club has incredible trainers that are extremely passionate and knowledgeable. The staff is very warm and welcoming. It’s a challenging workout to accommodate all levels. The facilities are clean with state of the art equipment. You will feel your best self-walking out of the doors post workout – give it a try – you’ll be obsessed too!.

- Gina K., AFC Member

Our Fitness Pillars


Longer duration cardio and high rep ranges focused on helping you build your engine & muscular hypertrophy.


Moderate duration cardio and mid tier rep range centered around helping you build strength & muscular endurance.


Short bouts of maximum effort cardio stints paired with lower rep range to enhance your explosiveness and power.