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The lights are low, the music is loud and you will be putting in the work! Our circuit style group fitness workout blends the science of traditional strength training with HIIT style cardio.

Our skilled trainers walk you through each station of class, where they break down the moves and explain the equipment. Don’t worry, each station has its own demo playing on screen, so you don’t have to memorize anything! No class is ever the same, so now is the time to ask questions and get modifications if you need them.

Because all of our workouts are built to accommodate and challenge every level of fitness, while keeping you healthy and injury-free, the warm up is an essential component of class. Your trainer will lead you through some dynamic stretching designed to warm up your body and increase mobility.

Expect a fast-paced, high energy, heart pounding total body workout that will challenge you both physically and mentally. You rotate through a mix of strength and conditioning stations, in “accountability packs” of 4, who will push you and support you along the way.

Once you’ve hit every station with your accountability pack, that’s a wrap! The hard work is over and your trainer will lead you through a series of stretches to prevent injury and increase flexibility.


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Every circuit style workout utilizes a combination of strength and conditioning stations, specifically designed to build muscle, increase endurance & enhance strength. Check out the equipment we use to bring you the best & most effective workouts.


On the turf you’ll find us utilizing one of our cardio conditioning pieces like the Ski Erg, Rower, Air Bike and more. We love to mix it up and throw in some bodyweight exercises, core work, and a fan favorite (maybe not) is the sled.

Where Alpha really differentiates itself, is our total body strength work. You will attack everything; from lower body squat & hinge movements to upper body push & pull movements to help build your strength & resilience. Our weights range from five pounds to 75 pounds, so whether you’re brand new to strength training or a seasoned vet, AFC’s got you!

The TRX at Station 3 is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment! Fun, dynamic, and constantly changing within our circuits, the TRX allows you to utilize your own body weight resistance to build muscle & stability.

Whether it’s the Ski Erg, Row Erg or Air Bike, you’ll be getting some serious conditioning in with each of these circuits. Don’t be surprised if you build a love-hate relationship with these pieces, especially during our performance testing weeks, where you’ll be challenged to push your limits and set new personal bests! Our awesome coaches will teach you proper form and help you reach new levels of aerobic fitness.

A fan favorite at Alpha Fit Club are our Technogym Skillmills. These self-propelled treadmills are incredibly versatile, because unlike traditional monitorized belts, you are the machine. Equipped with a magnetic, ten level resistance, you propel yourself forward with each stride! Running may not be your jam, but these Skillmills are so incredibly effective and fun, they might just convert you and they will certainly make you stronger in the process.

Station 6 is home to the incredibly powerful and adaptable, Kinesis Cable Machines. These machines may look confusing, but you simply grab and go! The closed loop cable with multiple handles, that never need to be modified, and smooth adjustable weight stack, can be used for upper, lower, and total body strength training. It’s so versatile, it can easily be modified for everyone and utilized for beginner through advanced levels of strength.


Class Size
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Accountability Packs

Unlike overcrowded group fitness classes, AFC workouts are capped at 24 people. By keeping our classes small, each and everyone will get personalized attention, form corrections, modifications, and motivation from our coaches. From complete beginners to advanced athletes, our workouts will kick your ass and make you want more.

Our highly skilled, certified group coaches make sure everyone who walks through the door is challenged, supported, and motivated to show up as their strongest self. First timer? Our coaches will make sure you understand how to use the equipment and know what to do at each station, so you can get the best possible workout and stay injury free.

Our workouts are specifically designed to build strength, stamina, and power and is broken down, each week, into distinct pillars: Capacity: Long duration cardio and high rep ranges focus on building your stamina & muscular hypertrophy. Tenacity: Moderate duration cardio and mid tier rep ranges focus on increasing strength & muscular endurance. Intensity: Short intense bouts of maximum effort cardio intervals paired with low rep ranges focus on enhancing your explosiveness & power. Remix: A combination of training modality from each of the three prior weeks, focus on keeping you on your toes and mixing it up, so you don’t get bored and your body doesn’t plateau.

What makes us different is our accountability packs. We go through every workout in groups of 4 people, who push you, support you, and build you up, during class. It’s your job to show up and put in the work, but with AFC you will become a part of the pack! Your accountability pack will help you lock in, build you up, and make it a whole hell of a lot more fun along the way!

Alpha Fit Club is about community, connectivity and commitment. We are a group of like minded individuals striving to become the strongest version of ourselves inside the gym and outside in the world. Our approach fosters genuine connections that bring out the best in one another. Alpha Fit Club strengthens individuals physically and mentally, using fitness as the catalyst to empower people to be better for themselves, their friends, their family, and their community.